Sentence Examples

  • In London he became Pip's intimate confidant.
  • Determined to make his way in this "new Promised Land," the young adventurer contrived to secure the protection of Kristoffer Gabel, the king's confidant, and in 1663 was appointed the royal librarian.
  • He was appointed a privy councillor, groom of the stole and first gentleman of the bedchamber, and though merely an irresponsible confidant, without a seat in parliament or in the cabinet, he was in reality prime minister, and the only person trusted with the king's wishes and confidence.
  • Ibrahim had a confidant about whose antecedents one fact alone seems certain, that he was a maula (client) of Persian origin.
  • At Rotterdam he was a confidant of political exiles, including Burnet and the famous earl of Peterborough, and he became known to William, prince of Orange.