Sentence Examples

  • Year: The graduation year is an easy decorative touch: number balloons can be purchased to create the year, or graduation party supplies such as plates, cups, banners, confetti and more are available with the current year.
  • Scatter white snow and silver star-shaped confetti on top of a solid white, red or green tablecloth and your centerpiece will come to life.
  • If that doesn't fit with the rest of your theme, maybe a different celebratory image like confetti or streamers would be appropriate.
  • Consider the personalized winter coffee, snowflake bath confetti, Winter Wedding Cocoa Mix, silver spark snowflakes, winter chocolate take out boxes, silver kissing bells, and snowman snow globe favors.
  • Ripping a credit card offer in three or four pieces is NOT enough -- you need to create confetti, preferably marinated in coffee grinds and bacon grease, to repel a determined dumpster diver.