Sentence Examples

  • At any given time during a child's life, a parent might be a caregiver, playmate, teacher, nurse, disciplinarian, role model, confidante, companion, and more.
  • The king did indeed make her the confidante of his affairs and of his resentment against the cardinal, but she, far from repeating his confidences to the minister, set herself to encourage the king in his resistance to Richelieu's dominion.
  • 21 Wilhelmina shared the unhappy childhood of her brother, Frederick the Great, whose friend and confidante she remained, with the exception of one short interval, all her life.
  • Andre had been his confidante and mentor whose guidance had helped him navigate his role as the Immortals. leader.
  • Gambetta himself constantly urged her to marry him during this period, but she always refused, fearing to compromise his career; she remained, however, his confidante and intimate adviser in all his political plans.