Sentence Examples

  • Sidekick 3: Available through T-Mobile, this is not a business-oriented device, instead being marketed to the trendy youth market with its swiveling screen, myFaves integration, and attractive appearance.
  • Given the difference in how the phones operate, the question of whether it is possible to use a prepaid BlackBerry is a little more complicated than if you were interested in using a prepaid Windows Mobile phone or prepaid SideKick phone.
  • The Sidekick 3, available through T-Mobile and Suncom Wireless, is easily one of the most popular cell phones on the market, especially among younger people who just can't get enough of the mobile email and instant messaging services.
  • After all, downloading all the free Sidekick 3 themes you want off of the internet onto your computer isn't all that useful if you can never send the cell phone theme over to the Sidekick 3 itself and get it up and running.
  • Seeing how the T-Mobile G1 will launch initially through T-Mobile and seeing how it has such a similar form factor, there have been many comparisons drawn between it and the Sidekick line of mobile phones.