Sentence Examples

  • In later banners the monogram was sometimes embroidered on the cloth.
  • The main divisions of the army were distributed under the royal and other principal standards, smaller divisions under the banners of some of the greater nobility or of knights banneret, and smaller divisions still under the pennons of knights or, as in distinction from knights banneret they came to be called, knights bachelors.
  • In England all the barons or greater nobility were entitled to bear banners, and therefore Du Cange's observations would apply to them as well as to the barons or greater nobility of France and Spain.
  • In St Patrick's hall where the knights of St Patrick are invested, are the banners of that order.
  • Wodehouse headed off a part of this force from the river at Argin, and, after a sharp action, completely defeated it, killing 900, among whom were many important amirs, and taking 50o prisoners and 12 banners, with very small loss to his own troops.