Sentence Examples

  • Be sure that you don't select women's long plus size shorts that are too big, baggy or bulky, especially if you carry additional weight through your hips, belly and bottom, because this will add bulk to that area.
  • It's something that tall men often can't achieve given the options they have available to them; many tall clothes are simply cut on the baggy side in general, so focusing on these details will ensure a more polished look.
  • There were also still some leftover elements from the cavalry days, especially in the fit and cut of the trousers, which were high-waisted (by contemporary standards) with baggy upper legs and tight-laced lower-legs.
  • Leg width: Some trunks are designed to be more form-fitting than others and may be uncomfortably tight around the thighs, while others may be too baggy and prone to twisting or bubbling for individual tastes.
  • Whether dressed in a baggy softball uniform or in the leotard of a majorette, it is the athletes who set the example by being more concerned with winning than with preserving other people's ideas of modesty.