Sentence Examples

  • Garden, called Bagh i Shah (garden of the Shah), with ruined palaces and baths.
  • The place was without importance until 1612, when Shah Abbas began building and laying out the palaces and gardens in the neighbourhood now collectively known as Bagh i Shah (the garden of the shah).
  • The principal Mahommedan public buildings, erected by subsequent governors and now in ruins, are the Katra and the Lal-bagh palace - the former built by Sultan Mahommed Shuja in 1645, in front of the chauk or market place.
  • The Lal-bagh palace was commenced by Azam Shah, the third son of the emperor Aurangzeb.
  • Two other royal palaces named respectively Bagh-i-Shah and Takht-i-Sefer, are situated on the same rising ground somewhat farther to the west.

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