Sentence Examples

  • A second group is typified by the warty pig, S.
  • In the African wart-hogs (Phacochoerus), which take their name from the large warty lobes projecting from each side of the face, the teeth are remarkably modified.
  • In diameter, ridged and warty on the upper half, and light brown to dark greyish-yellow within.
  • The skin of the upper surface is granular, with many irregular bony tubercles which give it an ugly warty look.
  • The fruit is usually a capsule opening by valves; the seeds, where four are developed, are each shaped like thy quadrant of a sphere; the seed-coat is smooth, or sometimes warty or hairy; the embryo is large with generally broad, folded, notched or bilobed cotyledons surrounded by a horny endosperm.