Sentence Examples

  • Men can wear a basic shirt with simple slops, boots and a hat, women have a jolly time with a blouse, a bodice, an underskirt and shorter overskirt in contrasting colors and either a straw hat or garland of flowers.
  • To be a nobleman, you need a good ruffled linen poet shirt, a velvet doublet, embroidered velvet slops (the baggy trousers that are usually cut to mid-thigh), good hose, boots and a jeweled hat.
  • There were several variations of hose styles, including the classic "slops" (as seen in this picture of a noble from 1570) which are often associated with Shakespearean costumes.
  • Men will wear doublets and slops made of good cotton, which was an expensive fabric in that era, and women will wear heavy cotton skirts, embroidered bodices and big straw hats.
  • The durable Slip Slops are made of water- and stain-resistant leather and nylon webbing.