Positive Words That Start With L

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Updated July 12, 2021
Positive L words examples
    Positive L words examples
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Whether you’re writing an employee evaluation or a poem, it helps to know a few positive words that start with L. This list includes nouns, verbs, and adjectives, all of which are nice words to use when you want to leave a positive impression on your reader or listener.

Positive L Words That Have 5 or Fewer Letters

The following words beginning with L are short and sweet. They all have five or fewer letters, making them perfect choices when you need good words but don’t have a lot of room.




lark (n.)

a light-hearted adventure

spree, frolic

laugh (v.)

to express amusement with a vocal sound

chuckle, chortle, giggle, crack up

laud (v.)

to praise

praise, glorify

lead (v.)

to guide or show the way

guide, direct, conduct

life (n.)

anything that is alive, and the quality of being alive


light (adj.)

to be low in weight, literally or figuratively

weightless, free

like (v.)

to agree with or enjoy

approve, enjoy, agree with, admire

love (v.)

to care deeply or feel passion

adore, care for

loyal (adj.)

to show faithfulness toward something or someone

faithful, steadfast

luck (n.)

good fortune

fortune, serendipity

lush (adj.)

something abundant

abundant, verdant


Positive L Words That Have 6 or More Letters

Longer words beginning with L offer a chance to express your positive feelings too. Try everything from “ladylike” to “lyrical.”




ladylike (adj.)

to act the way society expects a female to behave

proper, correct

laid back (adj.)

to be casual

calm, unpretentious, casual

lambent (adj.)

glowing or flickering light across a surface

glowing, flickering

largess (n.)

generosity in giving of gifts or money

generosity, beneficence

lasting (adj.)

something with endurance


laudable (adj.)

something to be celebrated for doing the right thing

correct, celebrated, commendable

laughter (n.)

the sound of laughing


lawful (adj.)

something that is legal

legal, permitted, acceptable

leader (n.)

someone who guides or directs

guide, boss, director

learning (n.)

gaining a skill or knowledge

studying, training

legendary (adj.)

someone or something that is well known for a deed

heroic, fabled, famous

leisure (n.)

freedom from responsibilities like work and school

freedom, respite, spare time

leonine (adj.)

like a lion, distinguished and illustrious

lion-like, esteemed, famed, powerful, dignified

lenient (adj.)

not harsh or strict

lax, tolerant, permissive

lesson (n.)

something to be learned

class, seminar, lecture

level-headed (adj.)

calm and controlled in stressful situations

wise, practical, prudent, reasonable

liberty (n.)

freedom from control or imprisonment


lifesaver (n.)

someone or something that saves lives, literally or figuratively

savior, hero

lighthearted (adj.)

free from care and worry

carefree, cheerful, unburdened

likable (adj.)

having the quality of being easy to like

attractive, pleasant

limber (adj.)

easy to bend

flexible, bendable

limpid (adj.)

clear and not cloudy, simple and easy to comprehend

clear, bright, transparent

lissome (adj.)

moving or bending with grace

graceful, lithe, agile

listen (v.)

trying to hear and pay attention

hear, eavesdrop

literate (adj.)

able to read and write

knowledgeable, proficient

lively (adj.)

fast-moving and full of life

quick, energetic, vivacious

logical (adj.)

making sense according to logic or reason


longevity (n.)

amount of time someone or something will last

long-lived, lifespan

lordly (adj.)

acting in the manner of a lord

noble, aristocratic

lounge (v.)

to lie around, often in a comfortable chair

relax, loll, idle

lovable (adj.)

easy to care for

adorable, endearing

low-cost (adj.)

low in price


lucidity (n.)

thinking that is clear


lucrative (adj.)

leading to profit

profitable, money-making

luminous (adj.)

giving off light

glowing, shining

luscious (adj.)

having a pleasant taste or smell

delicious, full-flavored

lustrous (adj.)

the quality of shining

shiny, bright, glowing

luxurious (adj.)

highly comfortable and often expensive

rich, comfortable

lyrical (adj.)

creative work that can be sung



Example Sentences Using Positive L Words

Wondering how to use these positive L words in a sentence? These examples will help:

  1. Your loyal and level-headed service during this time has been laudable.
  2. Lounging with you has been a leisurely lark.
  3. Her lyrical voice matched her lovable personality.
  4. He was leonine in his looks and lordly in his actions.
  5. As the sun rose, the sky became luminous, and a lambent glow played across the tops of the trees.
  6. The lustrous pearl necklace was a luxurious gift.
  7. He was both literate and logical, and his arguments were difficult to refute.
  8. Because of her largess, the hall of learning was able to continue offering lessons.
  9. She felt lighthearted and lively walking through the field of flowers.
  10. A simple pencil sharpener can be a low-cost lifesaver during standardized tests.

Try Your Own Luck

If you’re making a reverse acronym or acrostic poem, having a list of positive L words can a be huge help. Take some time to review these ideas and try your own L words to share happy thoughts.