Sentence Examples

  • Whether you're dealing with a sudden or chronic case of fungus, you'll need to rely on the best cure for toe nail fungus to completely rid yourself of the ailment.
  • This leads to consumers not receiving vital preventative care, which also increases the odds that the next time they seek out medical help it will be for an ailment that has already progressed to dangerous levels.
  • Depending on the herb and the ailment it's intended to treat, you may need to take the herbs as a tea or tisane, in a pill or powder, or in a cream or topical form.
  • Whether you are looking for tips on cooking with herbs or you are looking for quick remedies for a common ailment, you'll find what you need on LoveToKnow Herbs.
  • If you decide to explore Japanese herbs, whether for healing of a particular ailment or for general wellness, talk to a medical professional, as side effects and drug interactions are possible.