Sentence Examples

  • Maintaining routine vaccinations against feline AIDS, rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, rhinotracheitis and other regional diseases and viruses is essential to the health of any domesticated cat.
  • Kittens are highly susceptible to respiratory infections, so runny, crusty eyes are often thought to be a direct symptom of distemper, when they are actually a symptom of the secondary illness.
  • Although the mucous discharge is not a direct symptom of distemper, the disease lowers a cat's immunity, so it's possible for an affected animal to develop a secondary respiratory infection.
  • The most important factor in saving a cat that has contracted the disease is prompt medical attention when feline distemper symptoms are suspected.
  • Because of that, many veterinarians recommend that owners wait a year before introducing a new cat into a home where an animal has had distemper.