Sentence Examples

  • O16u3) If we replace 440136u3 in this expression by g405 6 u 3, the method of § 68 gives A -Q AIL h (uo + 5 u 1 + u2 + 6u3 + u4 + 5 14 6 + us); the expression on the right-hand side being an approximate expression for B, and differing from it only by s1eH5 6 u 3.
  • Of the area A, f f xdxdy = o, ffydxdy = 0, (6) R = p hA, (7) xhA = - cos a f f x 2 dA - sin affxydA, fxydA, (8) yhA = - cos a ff xydA - sin ail y 2 dA.
  • Ail the larger rivers, except the Gumti, as well as most of the smaller streams, have beds hardly sunk below the general level; and in time of floods they burst through their banks and carve out new channels.
  • If anything ail a man, so that he does not perform his functions, if he have a pain in his bowels even--for that is the seat of sympathy--he forthwith sets about reforming--the world.
  • 4c men fOatfrcryteyou/anbper(ccutc you/ artb O at f at f iy f:ayc ail of a e 141.'101 a i lay'tlrt you 1,-.r fly cioyc+t all arc u)youre rc roHr =' FIG.