Sentence Examples

  • If, while you're swimming, you feel trunks or a bikini bottom start to slide down, you can stop and yank the offending garment back in place.
  • Waxing involves applying warm wax to hair, covering with a strip and ripping off in one quick motion, similar to the way you would yank off a band aid.
  • Put your hands behind your neck (not back of the head) or next to your ears -- whatever you prefer, just don't yank at the back of the head since this put a lot of stress on the fragile upper spine.
  • You should then place her "fish", which can be a piece of candy, inexpensive toy, etc. on the clothespin, give it a yank, and have her pull it up!
  • It got hung up on a stump and she had to yank from another direction to dislodge it.