Sentence Examples

  • You can attach the other end of the ribbon to a pole or just hold it and jiggle it for your cat.
  • It won't duplicate the tight, toned look you'd get at the gym and it won't make you skinny if you're not, but it can help disguise flab and cut down on jiggle, which may be all you need.
  • Women who don't love their upper arms or those who wish their triceps would jiggle a bit less will enjoy the comfort and confidence that a dress with sleeves offers.
  • As the dynamite runs out, you'll hear a beeping sound and the balls will start to jiggle, then explode when the fuse on the dynamite is completely gone.
  • While in "jiggle" mode, the app icon can then be dragged and dropped anywhere on the current home screen or even carried over to other home screens.