Sentence Examples

  • First, if your daughter was a straight A or mostly all A student and NOT in jeopardy of losing her spot on the honor society, then she may have some wiggle room for her point of view.
  • The precise type of dress to wear has some wiggle room, as a ball gown rather than an evening gown is expected by some hosts, while others find an evening gown totally acceptable.
  • Sometimes even a discount isn't enough on a pair of legitimate designer sunglasses unless you have a lot of wiggle room in your budget, but you may still want the look.
  • It is certainly worth it to try to attempt to negotiate a debt settlement because most creditors have some wiggle room in how much money they can accept for a debt.
  • After that, you go through the same process of tapping and holding on the app icon to enter "wiggle" mode, clicking on the "X" button, and tapping on the "delete" button to confirm.