Sentence Examples

  • The adult worm in the female sometimes reaches a length of 6 ft.
  • A, general view of the worm; X 4.
  • B.z, Budding zone; p, anterior region of the parent worm; 1-5, buds.
  • The Lampyridae are a large family, of which the glow-worm (Lampyris) and the "soldier beetles" (Telephorus) are familiar examples.
  • It then often retains its vitality for a long time, apparently crawling as if it were itself a worm, a phenomenon which is at least partially explained by the extraordinary development of nervous tissue, equally distributed all through the walls of the proboscis, and either united into numerous longitudinal nerve-stems (Drepanophorus, Amphiporus) or spread out into a uniform and comparatively thick layer (Cerebratulus, sp.).