Sentence Examples

  • This sort of cut should really only be attempted by a salon professional as it is a little more complicated than the shag and requires special slanted cutting techniques in order to provide your hair with the proper texture.
  • Made popular first with the 1970s shag hairstyle, layered looks have been reborn, with credit to celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger who implemented a varied shag style on actress Meg Ryan in the early 1990s.
  • Although many younger stylists will not call today's popular cuts a shag, if you have face framing layers and a little volume on the top and the back of your hair, then you have a current version of a shag.
  • If you are a girl not ready to lose her long hair for the often sought after short emo shag, consider getting your hair cut in uneven layers and experimenting with dye colors that are out of the ordinary.
  • Another great thing about a shag haircut is that for the scissor wary, a long shag can easily morph into a shorter version once you are satisfied with the cut and realize the many styling benefits.