Sentence Examples

  • Francke (Gi.istrow, 1837), De la Berge (Paris, 1877), and Dierauer in M.
  • Quitzmann, Abstammung, Ursitz, and dlteste Geschichte der Bairwaren (Munich, 1857), and Die alteste Geschichte der Baiern bis gi (Brunswick, 1873); S.
  • In the 'non-Semitic ideographic documents the equivalent for Shumer is Kengi, which seems to be a combination of ken, " land " -}- gi, " reed," i.e.
  • Human personality, we learn, is the temporary manifestation of a complex organization consisting of "seven principles," which are united and interdependent, yet divided into certain groups, each capable of maintaining temporarily a spurious kind GI personality of its own and sometimes capable of acting, so to speak, as a distinct vehicle of our conscious individual life Each "principle" is composed of its own form of matter, determined and conditioned by its own laws of time, space and motion, and is, as it were, the repository of our various memories and volitions.
  • 'hlatherv i W A WoodVillef w Scale, 1:2,200,000 English Miles 20 30 40 Longitude Nest gi of Greenwich z fishery on the reefs in the Sound, much developed since 1880.