Sentence Examples

  • The reason for that was that all of the GIs that had gone overseas spotted the postwar MG TC model straight from the factories of Oxford, and decided that they wanted one.
  • Gis-ukh was subdued and a priest named Illi was made its governor.
  • The eighth successor of Ur-Nina was Uru-duggina, who was overthrown and his city captured by Lugal-zaggisi, the highpriest of Gis-ukh.
  • A lion dormant on a rose, the symbol of secrecy: - Ben pur celer, gis sur roser; ici repose liun en la rose; de su la rose le lion repose.
  • According to Scheil, Gis-ukh is represented by Jokha, south of Fara and west of the Shatt el-Hai, and since two of its rulers are called kings of Te on a seal-cylinder, this may have been the pronunciation of the name.'