Sentence Examples

  • To extract the metal, the pitchblende is first roasted in order to remove the arsenic and sulphur.
  • 10, § 12) - hence its highly rhetorical character - from which Eusebius gives the extract about the Essenes; while this in its turn may have constituted the fourth book of a large work entitled ("sarcastically," says Eusebius, H.E.
  • The following extract conveys its general tenor: The condition of your Majesty's subjects in this state has become well-nigh intolerable.
  • Napoleon's ideas on the education of girls may be judged by this extract from his speech at the Council of State on the 1st of March 1806: "I do not think that we need trouble ourselves with any plan of instruction for young females: they cannot be better brought up than by their mothers.
  • Because they wanted to keep her alive long enough to extract it then walk away?