Sentence Examples

  • Children still earned some extra money by gathering bottles and cans for recycling and schools engaged in paper drives, but the growth of plastic and the throwaway mentality outstripped these conservation methods.
  • From tips on choosing energy efficient appliances to information about recycling and suggestions for green building and remodeling, you will find a wealth of reliable information that you can count on every time you visit the site.
  • These products have been made from paper that has already been returned for recycling at least once, and with modern refinements in recycling technology, these products are generally the same quality as virgin paper products.
  • They can read about how kids like Devon Green started a recycling business at age five and built it up to 100 customers, and how Ethan Hasselburger's green choices inspired his mother to start a green business: My Earth 360.
  • Every recycling facility has different guidelines for how to recycle paper products, and consumers should investigate how paper must be prepared, sorted, and turned in to be sure they can contribute to the recycling effort effectively.