Sentence Examples

  • The jungles afford good pasturage in the hot weather, and abound in lac, silk cocoons, catechu, resin and the mahud fruit, which is both used as fruit and for the manufacture of spirits.
  • The betel nut is the fruit of the Areca or betel palm, Areca Catechu, and the betel leaf is the produce of the betel vine or pan, Chavica Betel, a plant allied to that which yields black pepper.
  • Betel nuts are further used as a source of catechu, which is procured by boiling the nuts in water.
  • The water of the first boiling becomes red and thick, and when this is inspissated after the removal of the nuts it forms a catechu of high astringency and dark colour called in Bombay "Kossa."
  • The nuts are again boiled, and the inspissated juice of the second decoction yields a weaker catechu of a brown or reddish colour.