Sentence Examples

  • 5-10, 14 f., belonging to the year 605, and representing the emergent power of the Chaldaeans as a divine scourge of the faithless people; (b) Woes against the Chaldaeans, presupposing not only tyrannous rule over many peoples, but the beginning of their decline and fall, and therefore of date about J40 B.C. (ii.
  • The country was beautiful; but his old terrors revived, and his woes were complicated by the alleged inclination of Therese for one of M.
  • It is certainly true that the same emotional temperament, dissolving in tears at the spectacle of the country's woes, and expressing itself to a great extent in the same or similar language, is noticeable in the author(s) of Lamentations i.-iv.
  • It was in the abbey of St Denis that Abelard, now aged forty, sought to bury himself with his woes out of sight.
  • A convenient belief in the doctrine of the transmigration of souls satisfied the unfortunate that their woes were the natural result of their own deeds in a former birth, and, though unavoidable now, might be escaped in a future state of existence by present good conduct.

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