Sentence Examples

  • The shock threw her into a trance, and these trances, accompanied by visions, recurred frequently in the subsequent part of her life.
  • After this the trance or fit always returned when she was at prayers, and she felt that Christ was close to her.
  • During his divination the wizard fell into a state of trance or ecstasy, his soul being held to run at large to pursue its Witch= inquiries.
  • Soon after the publication of Vivian Grey, Disraeli, who is said by Froude to have been "overtaken by a singular disorder," marked by fits of giddiness ("once he fell into a trance, and did not recover for a week"), went with the Austens on a long summer tour in France, Switzerland and Italy.
  • The state of involuntary trance, sometimes mistaken for death, is a similar occurrence.

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