Sentence Examples

  • The idea brought up a tirade.
  • Prefacing his action by a violent tirade against the royalist conspirators of Clichy, he sent to Paris General Augereau, well known for his brusque behaviour and demagogic Jacobinism.
  • This is probably the sense in which we may interpret his tirade against Lord Whitworth at the diplomatic circle on the 13th of March.
  • In the Opus Minus and Opus Tertium he pours forth a violent tirade against Alexander of Hales, and another professor, not mentioned by name, but spoken of as alive, and blamed even more severely than Alexander.
  • In the famous "guerre des buffons," he took the part of the "buffonists," so named in consequence of their attachment to the Italian "opera buffa," as opposed to the true French opera; and, in his Lettre sur la musique francaise, published in 1753, he indulged in a violent tirade against French music, which he declared to be so contemptible as to lead to the conclusion "that the French neither have, nor ever will have, any music of their own, or at least that, if they ever do have any, it will be so much the worse for them."

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