Sentence Examples

  • If these two were broadside on to the direction of the sending station oscillations in the same phase would be produced in them both, but if they were in line with it then the oscillations would be in opposite phases.
  • Garnet's Ghost was published as a broadside in 1679, but the other Satires on the Jesuits, although written at the same time, were not printed until 1681.
  • If the centre of S'N' is on the perpendicular bisector of SN, 0 = Zir, and the couple will be MM 'cos cp/r 3, (20) tending to increase 4); this is the " broadside on " position.
  • M/H = (d 2 -1 2) tan 0/2d, where 1 is half the length of the magnet, which is placed in the " broadside-on " position as regards a small suspended magnetic needle, d the distance between the centre of the magnet and the needle, and 0 the angle through which the needle is deflected by the magnet.
  • This is known as the " broadside-on " position, and is represented in fig.