Sentence Examples

  • One headed for her, and she turned to run, only to collide with a large figure at her back.
  • He felt the urge to run and the urge to take her into his arms and kiss her worries away collide within him.
  • Now suppose two of the attached atoms are replaced by one atom, then this atom must have two valencies directed to the central atom; and consequently, in the same unit of time, the central atom will collide once with each of the two monovalent atoms and twice with the divalent.
  • If a jet of water issues at an angle to the horizontal from a round pinhole orifice under a few inches pressure, it travels out as an apparently smooth cylinder for a short distance, and then breaks up into drops which travel at different rates, collide, and scatter.
  • According to the mechanics of Newton, when two bodies collide each body makes the other move equally and oppositely; but it has become a convenient habit to express this concrete fact in abstract language by calling it the conservation of momentum, by talking of one body communicating its motion to the other; as if bodies exchanged motion as men do money.

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