Sentence Examples

  • Each bud arises as a thickening of the epithelium, which.
  • This process may result in a considerable thickening of the thallus.
  • The lower part of the free edge of every mesentery, whether complete or incomplete, is thrown into numerous puckers or folds, and is furnished with a glandular thickening known as a mesenterial filament.
  • Which are like those of Chaetopods in (After Goodrich.) structure - viz.vesicles with an intravesicular lens, whereas the eyes of all other Arthropods have essentially another structure, being " cups " of the epidermis, in which a knob-like or rod-like thickening of the cuticle is fitted as refractive medium.
  • As he came out of the trees and crossed the bridge, he passed the sheriff 's car and emergency vehicles, their bubble gum lights still turning red or blue in the thickening snow.