Sentence Examples

  • There is no secondary thickening except at the node in E.
  • The most simple case is when three double points come into coincidence, thereby giving rise to a triple point; and a somewhat more complicated one is when we have a cusp of the second kind, or node-cusp arising from the coincidence of a node, a cusp, an inflection, and a double tangent, as shown in the annexed figure, which represents the singularities as on the point of coalescing.
  • We may represent the displacement due to one of the trains by y l =a sin 2 i (24) where x is measured as in equation (16) from an ascending node as A in fig.
  • There is a node in the middle.
  • In Archaeocalamites, which certainly deserves generic rank, the branches may occur on every node, but only in certain parts of the stem; the ribs of successive internodes do not alternate, but are continuous, indicating that the leaves were superposed.

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