Sentence Examples

  • The harbour, originally constructed as a refuge for British ships of war, is one of the best on the east coast, and has been improved by the widening of the piers and the extension of the breakwaters.
  • The leaves are frequently irregular in outline, the lobes rather short and blunt, widening towards the end, but with setaceous points; the acorns are nearly globular.
  • (g) Increased pressure nearly always diminishes the frequency of vibration, but this effect is generally of a smaller order of magnitude than the widening which takes place in the other cases.
  • The angel ignored her and dropped beside her, wringing his hands helplessly.  The blond woman dangled over the widening chasm, clutching Katie's hand.  She braced her feet against the side of the chasm and walked upward, until Toby could grab her belt.  The angel pulled hard, and Katie pushed Deidre on top of the angel, who yelped.
  • At Feluja, in the latitude of Bagdad, the Euphrates and Tigris closely approach each other, and then, widening out, enclose the plain of Babylonia (Arab.

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