Sentence Examples

  • For sodii arsenas and cacodylate see Arsenic. Sapo durus (hard soap) is a compound of sodium with olive oil, and sago animalis (curd soap) is chiefly sodium stearate.
  • In this way curd, mottled or marbled soap is formed, and such mottled appearance was formerly highly valued as an indication of freedom from excess of water or other adulteration, because in fitted soaps the impurities are either washed out or fall to the bottom of the mass in cooling.
  • A similar cement is a mixture of dried fresh curd with i nth of its weight of quicklime and a little camphor; it is made into a paste with water when employed.
  • Dairy produce is important in Afghan diet, especially the pressed and dried curd called knit (an article and name perhaps introduced by the Mongols).
  • In curd soaps, however, which form the basis of most household soap, the uncombined alkali and the glycerin are separated by " salting out, " and the soap in this condition contains about 30% of water.

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