Sentence Examples

  • To her right was a blackberry thicket laden with berries – mostly red, but some dark.
  • " Mulga " scrub is a somewhat similar thicket, covering large areas.
  • When this pruning is just brought to a balance with the vigour of the roots, the consequence is that fruit buds are formed all over the tree, instead of a thicket of sterile and useless wood.
  • K6Xacbos), a small plantation or thicket of planted or self-sown trees, which are cut periodically for use or sale, before the trees grow into large timber.
  • The chamiso and the manzanita, with a variety of shrubby oaks and thorny plants, often grow together in a dense and sometimes quite impenetrable undergrowth, forming what is known as " chaparral "; if the chamiso occurs alone the thicket is a " chamisal."

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