Sentence Examples

  • They are more easily seen, when the nucleus is about to undergo mitosis, at the ends of the spindle, where they form the centres towards which the radiating fibres in.
  • Nuclear division may be indirect or direct, that is to say it may either be accompanied by a series of complicated changes in the nuclear structures called mitosis or karyokinesis (fig.
  • It has been shown that, in cells of Spiro gyra placed under special conditions, amitotic division can be induced, and that normal mitosis is resumed when they are placed again under normal conditions.
  • Mitosis.In indirect nuclear division the nucleus undergoes a series of complicated changes, which result in an equal division.
  • On the other hand, the complex structure of the nucleus with its separate units, the chromosomes, and possibly even smaller units represented by the chromatin granules, and the means taken through the complex phenomena of mitosis to ensure that an exact and equal division of the chromosomes shall take place, emphasizes the importance of the nucleus in heredity.

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