Sentence Examples

  • On the one hand he was exposed to numberless humiliations on the part of the representatives of official Russia, who made it clear to him that he was expected to play the part of a y oi fain�t; on the other he was compelled to make terms with the Bulgarian politicians, who, intoxicated with newly won liberty, prosecuted their quarrels with a crude violence which threatened to subvert his authority and to plunge the nation in anarchy.
  • Epicurus adopted the atomistic theory of Democritus to subvert belief in the Olympian gods.
  • Most images at the site subvert the traditional approach in such a way as to deconstruct those images ' identifiers into bits of associations.
  • These films subvert the museum 's function as custodian of the priceless cultural artifact.
  • Skipping on the backs of recent Asian music trends, the Buttersprites subvert the stereotypes into strangely classic interpretations of a fad.

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