Sentence Examples

  • A life-renter can only grant a lease that is effectual during the subsistence of the life-rent.
  • The means of subsistence are mainly provided by the cultivation of grain and cattle-rearing.
  • The circumstances which render necessary the habitual pursuit of wild animals, either as a means of subsistence or for self-defence, generally accompany a phase of human progress distinctly inferior to the pastoral and agricultural stages; resorted to as a recreation, however, the practice of the chase in most cases indicates a considerable degree of civilization, and sometimes ultimately becomes the almost distinctive employment of the classes which are possessed of most leisure and wealth.
  • Agriculture is the chief means of subsistence; rice being a crop of particular importance.
  • But it is the duty of the individual to his possible offspring, and not any vague notions as to the pressure of the national population on subsistence, that will be adequate to influence conduct.