Sentence Examples

  • The length of the style is determined by the relation which should subsist between the position of the stigma and that of the anthers, so as to allow the proper application of the pollen.
  • Besides the sedentary Cirripedia, numbers of the smaller forms, especially among the Entomostraca, subsist on floating particles of organic matter swept within reach of the jaws by the movements of the other limbs.
  • These conditions subsist with but few modifications, if any, from the Straits northward to the 42nd parallel, the extreme humidity, abnormal rainfall and dark skies being unfavourable to the development of insect life, while the Andes interpose an impassable barrier to migration from the countries of the eastern coast.
  • His party continued to subsist in Rome for a considerable time afterwards,' and withstood Calixtus as an unscrupulous apostate.
  • Even amongst savages there are few communities, and those but sparse, which subsist entirely upon what is directly provided by nature.

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