Sentence Examples

  • Squirt guns and goggles will help get guests into the party games, while flip flops, sunglasses, or beach towels are great souvenirs that can be used all summer long.
  • A little bit of soap can be used when things are really messy, but just a tiny squirt that amounts to a quarter of a teaspoon or so is all that is needed to gently get baby clean.
  • Give them a cleaning cloth and a squirt bottle with water and a little white vinegar in it, and let them wipe down the cabinets and the front of the refrigerator.
  • Shower jokes can be fun, such as pouring a cup of cold water over someone while they are in the shower or squirting them with a squirt gun when they come out.
  • Here, you'll find four mini sets in one, and each set contains a plastic pair of sunglasses, a fish squirt, a fish clapper and a mini inflatable beach ball.