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  • In accordance with this view there would be also some probability in favour of regarding the collar nerve-tube of the Enteropneusta as the equivalent of the cerebral vesicle only of Amphioxus and the Ascidian tadpole, and also of the primary forebrain of vertebrates.
  • Further, he includes in it his own Enterognathus comatulae, not from an ascidian, but from the intestine of the beautiful starfish Antedon rosaceus.
  • Sphaerothylacus polycarpus (Sluiter, 1884) has an ascidian for its host.
  • Styela gelatinosa is a nationally rare solitary ascidian ( sea squirt ) which has a soft pear-shaped body about 3-4 cm tall.
  • Ascidian colonies into buffered seawater ( 0.1 M Tris, pH 9.2 ).

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