Sentence Examples

  • To achieve it, spritz your hair with a thickening spray (a budget-friendly choice is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Spray, available at most drugstores and grocery stores).
  • Just as you might add streaks of black or red to your hair for your scary costume, you can add a golden glint to your look with a spritz of metallic, temporary spray-on color.
  • Although a fragrance may smell beautiful upon first spritz, the dry down will determine whether or not the scent is pleasing to the senses and complimentary on you.
  • If you've never worn a sheer swimsuit before and want to know what you're in for, you can ask the salesperson for a glass of water or if they have a spritz bottle.
  • A spritz of any of the renowned makeup artist's scents is all but guaranteed to recall a beautiful memory or transport you to another place.