Sentence Examples

  • It certainly tasted like beef, though the tangy spices were unfamiliar.
  • " We come to seek Christians and spices," said the first of Vasco da Gama's sailors who landed in India: and the combination of missionary ardour with commercial enterprise which had led to the exploration of the Atlantic led also to the establishment of a Portuguese Empire.
  • With other spices it was stored in a great chamber of the house of God at Jerusalem (1 Chron.
  • The value of flavouring herbs, condiments and spices is due in a large measure to the essential oils contained in them.
  • 28) says that the young bird lays his father on the altar in the city of the sun, or burns him there; but the most familiar form of the legend is that in the Physiologus, where the phoenix is described as an Indian bird which subsists on air for Soo years, after which, lading his wings with spices, he flies to Heliopolis, enters the temple there, and is burned to ashes on the altar.

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