Sentence Examples

  • For practical purposes it is accurate enough to consider the booms or chords as carrying exclusively the horizontal tension and compression and the web as resisting the whole of the vertical and, in a plate web, the equal horizontal shearing forces.
  • To the left and right of the load are R 1 and -R 2, and the distribution of shearing force is given by two rectangles.
  • Generally placed near the under and upper surface of the beam they are of little use in helping to resist the shearing stresses which are great- 1 est at its neutral axis.
  • Then came innumerable varieties of manual work for the erection and keeping up of hedges, the preservation of dykes, canals and ditches, the threshing and garnering of corn, the tending and shearing of sheep and so forth.
  • The theorem that any coplanar system of forces can be reduced to a force acting through any assigned point, together with a couple, has an important illustration in the theory of the distribution of shearing stress and bending moment in a horizontal beam, or other structure, subject to vertical extraneous forces.