Sentence Examples

  • On continuing the heating, the viscosity diminishes while the colour remains the same.
  • - The theory of conduction of heat by diffusion in gases has a particular interest, since it is possible to predict the value on certain assumptions, if the viscosity is known.
  • The branch of hydrodynamics which discusses wave motion in a liquid or gas is given now in the articles Sound and Wave; while the influence of viscosity is considered under Hydraulics.
  • We Will Assume That When, As In Most Cases, Viscosity Maybe Neglected, The Mass (M) Of A Drop Depends Only Upon The Density (V), The Capillary Tension (T), The Acceleration Of Gravity (G), And The Linear Dimension Of The Tube (A).
  • The effects of friction and viscosity in diminishing the velocity of running water were noticed in the Principia of Sir Isaac Newton, who threw much light upon several branches of hydromechanics.