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  • "I can't control—" Her first strike slammed into her father's head, cleaving straight through it.
  • 13) is really a pale version of the old mythic statement respecting the cleaving of the carcase of Tiamat (the Dragon) into two parts, one of which kept the upper waters from coming down.'
  • There is generally a tendency in coals towards cleaving into cubical or prismatic blocks, but sometimes the cohesion between the particles is so feeble that the mass breaks up into dust when struck.
  • The bodies of flying creatures are, as a rule, very strong, comparatively light and of an elongated form, - the bodies of birds being specially adapted for cleaving the air.
  • "For my cultivation," said the beggar, "faith is the seed, self-combat is the fertilizing rain, the weeds I destroy are the cleaving to existence, wisdom is my plough, and its guidingshaft is modesty; perseverance draws my plough, and I guide it with the rein of my mind; the field I work is in the law, and the harvest that I reap is the never-dying nectar of Nirvana.

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