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  • The tracheae are minute tubes exhibiting a faint transverse striation which is probably the indication of a spiral fibre.
  • The steep icewalls at the margin of the inland ice show, especially where the motion of the ice is slow, a distinct striation, which indicates the strata of annual precipitation with the intervening thin seams of dust (Nordenskidld's kryokonite).
  • Some of them are relics of the longitudinal moraines of the ice-sheet, and they run north-west to south-east, parallel to the striation of the rocks and to the countless parallel troughs excavated by the ice in the hard rocks in the same direction; while the Lojo As, which runs from HangOudd to Vesi-jarvi, and is continued farther east under the name of Salpausellia, parallel to the shore of the Gulf of Finland, are remainders of the frontal moraines, formed at a period when the ice-sheet remained for some time stationary during its retreat.
  • Roman glass beads are always drawn out, and nicked off hot, with striation Iengthways; except the large opaque variegated beads which are coiled.
  • They occasionally exhibit striation and originate from large branched cells, the nucleus and unmodified part of which form conspicuous elements.

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