Sentence Examples

  • The fruit is about the size of a small hen's egg, and within its fibrous rind is the seed or so-called nut, the albumen of which is very hard and has a prettily mottled grey and brown appearance.
  • It is combed out with iron hooks until the rind is all removed.
  • Both crude and concentrated lime-juice is exported, and essential oils are extracted from the rind of the agrumi, more particularly from that of tile lemon and the berganlot.
  • The old idea that it was made from layers or pellicules growing between the rind and a central stalk has been abandoned, as it has been proved that the plant, like other reeds, contains only a cellular pith within the rind.
  • Palacky replied in his Geschichte des Hussitenthumes rind Professor Leler (Prague, 1868) and Zur bohmischen Geschichtschreibung (Prague, 1871).

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