Sentence Examples

  • G, Section showing thick-walled cells of the cortex in a Brown Alga (seaweed).
  • This may have a radial stem-like organization, a central cell-thread giving off from every side a number of short sometimes unicellular branches, which together form a cortex round the central thread, the whole structure having a cylindrical form which only branches when one of the short cell-branches from the central thread grows out beyond the general surface and forms in its turn a new central thread, from whose cells arise new short branches.
  • The cells immediately subjacent to the superficial assimilating layer form a colorless, or nearly colorless, parenchymatous cortex, which acts as a food storage tissue (fig.
  • The whole of the cortex, stereom and parenchyma alike, is commonly living, and its cells often contain starch.
  • In a few cases the hydrom strand is continued into the cortex of the stem as a leaf-trace bundle (the anatomically demonstrable trace of the leaf in the stem).

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