Sentence Examples

  • Kharlunza, a melon), the shell of a gourd or pumpkin made into a vessel for holding liquids; also a vessel of similar shape made of other materials.
  • Calabaza, a gourd or pumpkin, possibly derived from the Pers.
  • Drums, gourd and bamboo flutes,and a kind of guitar, were known before Cook's day.
  • It is the name of a tree (Crescentia Cujete) of tropical America, whose gourd-like fruit is so hard that vessels made of it can be used over a fire many times before being burned.
  • The fruits do not usually exceed in size the dimensions of a hen's or of a swan's egg, but that of P. macrocarpa is a gourd-like oblong fruit attaining a weight of 7 to 8 lb.