Sentence Examples

  • The French artists still retain FIG ' 4.
  • Having come to an understanding with his father-in-law Podébrad, he was able to turn his arms against the emperor Frederick, and in April 1462 Frederick restored the holy crown for 60,000 ducats and was allowed to retain certain Hungarian counties with the title of king; in return for which concessions, extorted from Matthias by the necessity of coping with a simultaneous rebellion of the Magyar noble in league with Podebrad's son Victorinus, the emperor recognized Matthias as the actual sovereign of Hungary.
  • As usual with him, however, he failed to retain the confidence of his coadjutors to the end.
  • On the other hand Valdemar, by prudent diplomacy, contrived to retain the greater portion of Danish Esthonia (compact of Stensby, 1238).
  • Rodrigues set out at once for Lisbon to confer with the king, who ultimately decided to retain him in Portugal.

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