Sentence Examples

  • Jake was led forward by his attorney, a newcom­er, a dapper little man resplendent in vest, patent leather shoes and a gold watch chain, all topped off by a condescending smile that seemed to say, "Look out, rubes, I'm going to spring this poor victim before you finish administrating the oath."
  • "Welcome to Philadelphia!" said Jonathan Winston, looking as resplendent as ever.
  • To 32 ft., with the upper surface, the throat, and chest, are of a resplendent golden-green,' while the lower parts are of a vivid scarlet.
  • Woodpeckers (Coloptes auratus), macaws, parrakeets and other small parrots, and trogons, these last of beautifully resplendent plumage, deserve particular mention.
  • The liquid litharge when allowed to cool solidifies into a hard stone-like mass, which, however, when left to itself, soon crumbles up into a heap of resplendent dark yellow scales known as "flake litharge."

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